Linking To The Right Sites Can Certainly Create A Massive Difference In Your Search Engine Rankings

Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing Solutions

Most of you already know that in the event you want to get top search engine rankings, that there are many different things that are taken into consideration for digital marketing solutions. More than likely you already know that you must have your website targeted with certain keywords. Another thing most of you are aware of is that you must have plenty of links pointing back to your website from other sites. But in this article we are going to be discussing why who you link to will also make a difference for your search engine rankings as well as pagerank.

Digital Marketing Solutions – Google’s algorithm

Although no one is aware of specifically how Google‘s algorithm works there are a few things that are known. One of the aspects that are known is that depending on what sites your site links to could have a good or bad effect on how well your website is listed in the results. Permit me to describe how this works. Lets just point out that you have a link on your website pointing to a website that Google has banned from their particular results. By linking to a web page, Google believes that you think that it is a good web page that men and women would want to check out, however if Google has banned this web page, this will count as a strike against your web page. At this stage Google may ban your website just for linking to that website, or at the very least they will move your website in their search engine results so no one is ever going to find it.

High Authority Links

Needless to say the exact opposite is actually additionally true when using digital marketing solutions. I’ve in fact tested this specific theory out many times on a number of my websites. And each and every time I would simply put a high authority link to another Internet site, about a week afterwards I would end up jumping in the search engine rankings. The actual jump in the actual rankings were generally different, but each site ended up with better rankings than they had before.

Adding Youtube Videos

One of the ways I would complete this would be to add a You Tube video to my website. Including a You Tube video is actually an element that helps your website for digital marketing solutions in two ways, first Google loves websites with video and second of all you’ll be setting up a link that points to You Tube. And on some web pages I would simply create a hyperlink in the text that would link the phrase “Google” to the Google homepage. By just adding these couple of links you will realize that it will help the particular ranking of your Internet site fairly quickly.

No Bad Sites

But don’t forget, when using digital marketing solutions, you won’t want to link to bad sites. If anybody ever wants to swap links with you, the very first thing you will want to do is to determine if that site is listed in Google. The Internet site itself may have been banned from the Google search engine, which is the reason why it is not indexed. This may however not be the reason why, because if this web page is a brand new site it is possible that Google just has not located the site yet. In the event the website is not indexed for any reason, you will know that even if you do trade links with that website it will not be doing you a bit of good as Google will never realize that they have a link directed to your website.

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