Is Trading Links With Different Sites Still A Good Thing

Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing Solutions

If you have been in Online marketing using digital marketing solutions for any amount of time you know that backlink developing can give a huge boost to your business. And a few years back, trading links along with other websites was looked upon as being a powerful way to build backlinks. The question is, is this even now a sensible way to create links for your site or has it become a thing of the past? If you want to learn if it is still an effective practice, keep reading and you’ll find out the answer.

Digital Marketing Solutions -A Backlink

For those of you using digital marketing solutions who do not know a backlink is merely a link pointing to your site from a different site. For the most part you’ll find that the search engines count these backlinks as a popularity vote for your web site. Which means that your site will rank higher in the search engines if you have more links to your site. But one thing you need to remember is that every link that is created has a different benefit in the search engine eyes. If you have a link on a link page of a website that has a page rank of 5 you will find that the link would be really worth more if it was actually on the home page. Almost all of the value of the link comes from the page rank that the link is on rather than the home page, page rank.

Trading Backlinks

Under typical circumstances using digital marketing solutions you’ll find that when you trade backlinks the link pointing back to your site is seldom on the home page. And that lessens the value of that link. In addition these link Internet pages can end up with 100s or even thousands of other links pointing to various other sites. And because Google looks at this as a negative web page there is a good probability that the link won’t even count and therefore hurt your efforts.

Link Power

Another thing you may or may not have heard is that Google isn’t going to give the same power to backlinks that are exchanged as they do to one way backlinks. A one way link is actually when you have a link on some other site but you don’t link back to that site. Google wants to see one-way backlinks and they will also reward your site when they see these kinds of backlinks. You can even hurt your search engine positions if you end up trading backlinks with Internet sites that have a bad reputation with Google. Of course it’s not your aim to have Google have you listed this way. However, it can happen if you trade backlinks with the wrong Internet sites.

Effective internet marketers using digital marketing solutions knows that trading backlinks can be good for you if the site is trusted, has a good page rank and also has a steady flow of visitors. On the other hand when you end up on a deep web page of that site you must also realize that there is a chance that Google won’t even index that web page because it is merely full of links. The trouble is that most websites that trade backlinks actually have a links page that does not get indexed. In short, you can find just a few ways to make link exchanging work to your advantage and it can be extremely time consuming to do them. However, you’ll find other methods to create one way links.

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